Telemetry Systems

Vision Link Engineered Water-Level Telemetry Systems

  • A complete standalone solar assisted GSM-based system that records water level readings every 15 minutes 
  • Automatically sends the telemetry data directly back to the server via its own GSM interface
  • These systems incorporate the same MPPT solar-charging technology used within the standalone camera systems for year-round operation
  • Automatically switches to an enhanced polling mode when a preset water level is reached
  • Configuration and alarm settings can be remotely configured
vision link
  • LoRa fully integrates with Vision Link’s camera system technology – current water level readings are added to existing camera telemetry
  • Data from the level sensor is sent to the camera via a low-powered radio link
  • The radio links can operate on different frequencies that are all legal within the UK and Europe
A LoRa water-level sensor installed on an underground reservoir

Graphical User Interface

  • A graphical interface can be accessed from either an app or our dedicated online system
  • Pre-defined alarms are trigger instant notifications across communication channels for quick emergency response
  • The ability to analyse a legacy of data stored amongst our server means trends can be identified for water management