• Community Camera Community Cameras
    Vision link and the Environment Agency
    community camera systems.

    Allows local communities to visually monitor
    strategic areas for high water conditions.

    Links with Twitter for camera images and
    high water warning messages.
  • Inland Waterways 3G GSM Camera Canals and Waterways
    Vision Link technology has been used
    to remotely monitor canals and waterways.

    Traditional CCTV wasn’t possible due to cost,
    lack of power supply and telemetry restrictions.

    It was these requirements that triggered
    the Vision Link solar powered designs.
  • Flood Monitoring 3G GSM Camera Flood Monitoring
    Vision Link cameras have been used to
    remotely monitor flooded areas.

    Their rapid deployment, being solar powered
    and using the GSM / 3G phone network to relay
    pictures makes them the perfect solution.
  • Environment Agency 3G GSM Camera Flood Areas
    Vision Link cameras have been installed
    to remotely monitor flood control areas.

    These areas historically suffer from
    flooding and existing telemetry isn’t
    always available at the specific location.

    The camera technology can also be installed
    to give a visual verification where telemetry
    is available to make a completely informed
    decision before sending Operatives to site.
  • Trash Screen 3G GSM Camera Trash Screen
    Vision Link cameras have been used to monitor
    blockage in trash screens caused by foliage.

    This can cause errors in telemetry data
    which in turn triggers flood warnings.

    Fitting the camera system allows for more
    efficient monitoring and maintenance of the
    trash screens, saving money and resources.
  • English Heritage 3G GSM Camera Extreme Conditions
    Vision Link cameras have been installed
    at the end of a two-mile shingle spit.

    The Castle’s exposed position made the
    Solar powered 3G Cameras the perfect
    solution for monitoring and castle security.

    Our cameras have been exposed to 100mph+ wind and rain.
  • Vodafone EE O2 GSM Global Coverage
    Vision Link cameras work with all the GSM
    network providers.

    We are not tied to any one GSM provider so can
    offer the best data network connection available
    in your area, resulting in the best performance.

    Our cameras will also work globally by using our
    adaptive GSM data networking modes.
  • Solar Powered 3G GSM Camera Going Green
    Vision Link cameras are 100% Solar powered.

    This saves on installation and running cost,
    which goes towards making the camera technology
    a carbon neutral system.

    Even the web interface runs on a green data center.
    Committed to lowering CO2 emissions and omitting
    any unnecessary components within our servers.
  • Twitter linked 3G GSM Camera Twitter and TwitterPic
    Vision Link technology links directly with
    Twitter and the new TwitterPic APIs.

    This allows for direct and fast
    communications to Vision Link users.

    Using the Twitter and TwitterPic technology
    allows total and easy access to your images.

High Definition GSM / 3G / GPRS Remote Cameras

Here you will find all the information you need to know about the professional solar powered 3G camera systems that can be deployed almost anywhere and active within minutes

What does it do?

Day and Night 3G, GSM CameraIt allows you to visually monitor remote locations day or night.

100% solar poweredThe cameras are 100% solar powered so they can be easily installed, no external power required.

Google MapsIntegrated within Google Maps no complex software applications to install or learn.

3G, GSM Web InterfaceRequest new images from a single mouse click.

Secure 3G, GSM DatabaseImages are stored within a secure database, which can be viewed and saved at anytime.

Weather StationMeasure humidity, air temperature, barometric pressure, dew point, heat index and wind speed / direction.

External SensorsInterface to external high water, flood monitoring and security sensors.

SMS ForwardAlarm messages can be delivered as SMS to mobile or landlines.

Email ForwardAutomatically forward images and alarms as emails.

Why is it different?

UK DesignedDesigned and manufactured in the UK. We are not a distributor of other peoples equipment.

Tailored Software2 Mega Pixel and 5 Mega Pixel Adaptive Compression Technology (ACT) Camera Heads.

HD CameraFlexible software that can be tailored to your individual needs.

UK Customer SupportUK Customer support with web-based ticket support and telephone systems.

HD ImageSuperior image quality with 1600 x 1200 and 2592 x 1944 pixel images.

Night VisionTrue Day/Night images with a mechanical IR cut filter and built in IR illumination.

WatermarkImages are watermarked with time and date plus location and camera / sensor information.

Image on DemandRequest images on demand with web or smartphone applications.

WIFI, 3G, GSMNo WIFI network or hard wired connection required.

This system is the result of many years of successful development and customer feedback,
resulting in an affordable package that doesn’t compromise on quality, reliability or performance.

We are widely considered the market leaders in this technology and
regularly set the industry standards through our continuous innovation.

Latest News

  • New A.C.T Cameras

    Vision Link develops new 2 Mega Pixel and 5 Mega Pixel ACT (Adaptive Compression Technology) camera for optimised images.

    Superior image quality with 1600 x 1200 and 2592 x 1944 pixel images.

    Cameras incorporate a professional mechanical IR cut filter and built in IR illumination for true Day/Night time images.


    Vision Link release a new REST API to allow camera technology to be fully integrated into 3rd party software applications..

  • Camera Video

    Environment Agency flood officers along with James Morris MP, met with local residents who will benefit from the new high tech flood warning camera installed on the Illey Brook on Manor Way, Halesowen


  • Community Cameras

    Vision link and the Environment Agency launch the community camera systems.

    They are free to use, and allow local communities to visually monitor strategic areas for high water conditions.

    Cameras can be monitored via Twitter, and they allow members of the public to receive local high water warnings and images.

  • Cloud Technology

    Our cameras use the worlds best server infrastructure available and are hosted in multiple locations ensuring 100% uptime.

    Systems are further continually checked 24/7 allowing customers receive a health status email everyday detailing their system performance.

  • Global Coverage

    No one GSM operator has true global coverage

    Our cameras work with all the GSM network providers and provide global coverage using our adaptive GSM data networking modes

  • Mobile Web Interface

    New dedicated mobile web interface allows for quick and easy access to live and historic images

    No apps to download or maintain, cross browser support. Works with iPhones, Android and BlackBerry Smartphones

  • Weather Pack Option

    Real time measurement for humidity, air temperature, barometric pressure, dew point, heat index, wind chill, wind speed and wind direction

  • Self-Calibrating Sensors

    Wind sensors auto calibrate for increased accuracy and reliability

    Speed Range 3 mph to 125+ mph

    (~2 Knots to over 108 Knots)

    Full 360 degrees - no dead band

  • Anemometer Advantages

    Rugged Delrin body, stainless steel shaft and Sapphire bearings

    Solid State Sensor Technology

    0 to 360º operation - no dead band

    Extended 2 year warranty

  • Email Forwarding

    Get images automatically delivered direct to your email address from the remote cameras

    Works with iPhones, Android and BlackBerry Smartphones

  • Google Maps

    Google stream live Vision Link HD camera images for use within Google Maps

    Yachts Clubs, Travel Websites, Marinas are also using our live HD camera images

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