Wireless Sensors

Our latest generation of 3G cameras not only come fully equipped with Bluetooth and a smartphone app for easy configuration, they also support a range of battery powered wireless sensors.

A typical response time from a remote wireless sensor detecting an alarm condition to the Vision Link Server distributing the alarm message via email, SMS and voice calls is 15 seconds.

These sensors operate using our own LoRa spread spectrum technology, which means we can operate up to 2km (1.2miles) in NLOS links in an urban environment.

All our sensors are powered from standard batteries and will last over 5 years for normal operation. The advantage of this is customers are not then tied to single source custom battery pack which can be very expensive with no guarantee of supply.

A unique feature of our wireless sensors is they communicate in both directions, so when a sensor sends a radio message the camera control system sends back a radio acknowledgement to the sensor indicating a successful communication. This is called end-to-end communications, a lot of lower spec systems just send out a radio message and hope it was received; this is often referred to as fire and forget, which is ok for a garage door opener but if you want to signal a high water level or there has been earthworks movement then end-to-end acknowledgement is the only way of securing your data.

Another advantage of our end-to-end technology is the remote sensors each keep track of their radio performance. They automatically detect and record lost radio packets, radio retries and successful radio communications, this allows early detection of a radio system that on the surface seems to be working but might be right on the limits of serviceability.

The sensors will also automatically once an hour report in their current sensor values along with all the individual configuration parameters, we refer to this as a radio heartbeat. The radio heartbeat allows the camera control interface to monitor each remote wireless sensor and check it is fully operational. This means that if a remote sensor was to lose communications the camera system would automatically detect this and report the condition to the customer / service engineer.

Dual Axis Movement / Tilt Sensor

This is a small battery powered sensor that can calculate its orientation in both the x and y planes. Readings are taken every 5 seconds and movement in any plane that exceeds a customer programed alarm threshold will cause the sensors to instantly report this to the camera control interface. Each sensor has individual settings for both x and y threshold levels, filters can also be applied a both x and y readings to filter our any sources of intermittent vibration that would cause a false alarms.

The graph on the left shows the outout from a remote wireless sensor.

2 Channel Water Level Sensor

This is a small battery powerrd water level sensor that can support 2 individual sensors. Any change of state in the level sensors is automatically reported back to the camera interface.

6 Channel Combination Sensor

This is a battery powered dual technology sensor which incorporates both the dual axes movement sensor and a multi-Channel water level sensor. The sensor supports all the programmable features of both technologies and will also support up to 6 individual water level sensors.

Vision Link design and develop all the remote sensors in-house and manufactur them on our own surface mount pick and place machine.
This allows us to rapidly develop custom sensor interfaces to meet individual customer requirements.