Web Interface

Vision Link is fully integrated within Google Maps making it very easy to use. Each camera is easily identified by a coloured icon placed on the map.

Hovering over the icon allows the user to see current information about the camera and a preview of the last image sent from that location.

Clicking on a specific icon takes the user to a more detailed information page that allows full access to current and historic images recorded from the camera.

The Google Map screen gives the user a quick snapshot of account usage, number of images available and registered users.

The detailed camera information page (left) allows the user to scroll through historic images and request new images from the remote site.

All images can be saved, forwarded to any email address or viewed from the website.

Users can also zoom in for more detail if required by using the mouse scroll wheel or a dedicated super zoom function which enlarges the image.

Images are watermarked with date, time, location and a unique reference number for easy future reference.

Camera battery and GSM signal levels are displayed, along with temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and communication activity. This allows for all aspects of the camera performance to be easily monitored.

Users can easily see the number of images received from individual cameras each month and can graphically monitor the sensor trends.