Example Installations

example gsm camera install

This is a custom designed standalone installation which incorporates a high quality monocrystalline solar panel for greater efficiency, a colour / night vision camera plus an anti-tamper alarm and external high water alarm sensor.

It has been installed to monitor a remote trash screen that if blocked by debris would expose the local area to flooding.

As with all the Vision Link camera systems humidity, air temperature, barometric pressure, solar panel and battery voltages are also all transmitted back to the server at regular intervals.

Real Life Monitoring

This is the latest image from the above camera taken on 19 Jul 2018 13:28

current gsm camera image

Camera Information

Solar Panel :

19.5 Volts

Battery Level :

13.9 Volts

Air Temperature :

27 Deg C

Heat Index :

21 Deg C

Humidity :


Dew Point :

12 Deg C

Pressure :

1004 mb

Air Temperature / Humidity Log Air Temperature / Humidity Log

Example Image

This is a real life image from the above camera system without the watermark sensor data.

example gsm camera image

Remote Monitoring

Camera sensor data is also added to the images as a watermark along with the camera location plus a time and date stamp for easy referencing.

Images and the current atmospheric sensor data are also automatically emailed to a distribution list if required.

example email camera image example flood camera image

Low Light Conditions

In low light conditions or at night the camera system switches to a black and white mode and uses built in IR illumination.

example email camera image example flood camera image

Mobile Web Interface

Users can also request images on demand from the web interface or a smart phone web application if needed.

web interface web interface image