Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer service is vitally important to Vision Link because we believe great customer service does more than simply provide a means to drive sales.

We see customer service as adding value to the services and systems we supply and this gives the customer better value to their money.

With all this in mind we implemented a dedicated customer support ticket system that is supported and maintained by real engineers in the UK.

Technical Support

This allows us to receive, track and organize customer support issues (tickets) by department and by urgency.

This is a typical quote from one of our customers

"Andy and myself could not be happier with the service we have received and I can only thank you again for this."

Automatic Service Status Emails

Another important customer service feature is the automatic health status email system.

Every hour the Vision Link server checks and records the status of all the cameras within its database.

Each customer then receives a custom email everyday listing all their cameras and the current status.
This allows customers with many cameras to easily monitor and identify any performance issues.

Email Support